CLARDI - Chongqing Liangjiang Aircraft Design Institute – is registered in the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and is focused on the research and development of aviation and high-tech composite applications. Located in Hangar 1, Longxing Airport, its 3,000 square meter facility is built and managed under AS9100 standards. With industrial UAV's as a flagship product line, CLARDI is focused on R&D at the cutting-edge of aviation and composite technology solutions. 

CLARDI combines - an industry leading technical team, together with local Chongqing government supported manufacturing - to bring world class technologies to the market. 

Our partners

ChongQing Wecan Precision Instruments Ltd (WPI)

Established in 1992, Wecan Precision Instruments develops and manufactures precision sensors and control systems as its core technologies, offering professional tailor-made automation solutions for smart cities, aerospace and the marine and defense industries.

ChongQing Liangjiang Aviation Investment Ltd (LAI)

ChongQing Liangjiang Aviation Investment Ltd is a subsidiary of the Liangjiang New Area Administration Committee with its focus on the aviation and aerospace industry. The current investment portfolio exceeds 50 billion RMB.